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You choose one of the doorways and almost immediately shut your eyes against the quick rush of so many colors and lights that swirl around you. The odd sensation of movement does not last long, though you are hesitant to open your eyes for a moment for fear you are wrong. You pop one eye open, then the other. You are surrounded by greenery, you find, and you can hear a harmonious choir of birds singing somewhere off in the distance.

You turn toward a flicker of movement out of the corner of your eye. A pale-colored creature is already walking slowly up to you. Its dark blue eyes quickly fix on your own and, though the animal seems to be peaceful, the intensity of its stare somehow leaves you feeling mildly unsettled; it's like it's able to look straight through you somehow. The creature stopd a short distance away from you with a wary sniff. Emboldened, you call quietly to it.

She slowly raises one paw, as if momentarily unsure if she should follow, before resuming her cautious trek. She still keeps her eyes on your own. The animal perks her ears foward as a breeze begins to blow at your back. Once they catch a good whiff of your scent, the creature finally gives a slow blink and appears to relax. She continues her approach--more confident--and flicks her tail. The creature tilts its head to the side and looks up at you.

You slowly reach out a hand to touch. You do not want to startle her with any sudden movement. The animal doesn't shy from your hand, so you gently let yuor fingertips brush the top of her soft head.

Her name is Raitan. You blink, not sure how you could possibly know that. But, looking back down at Raitan's face you can see how amused she is with you. Somehow, you decide, it doesn't really matter how you know. At least you do know. You smile at her and rub between her long ears. Raitan is really a very interesting creature.

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All a Reverie

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