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You choose a doorway and go through. An abrupt wave of colors and shapes fly by your vision as you're dragged forward through the tunnel of lightstoward a new portal. The entire show is a little nauseating, actually. You close your eyes to try and mitigate the kaleidoscope passing by and hope that you'll come to a stop sometime soon.

You feel yourself hit the ground. You shake your head, allow your vision to clear for a moment, and look around. The plants surrounding you are huge. Have you shrunk? You're pretty sure you could sit on one of the nearby leaves with room to spare!

Your musings are interrupted by the sudden weight of something landing in your lap. You look down to see a large, cat-sized ladybug sitting on your legs. You let out a yelp as the giant insect tries to wander up your length and quickly push it away. Just because it's a pretty pink color doesn't mean that bugs should get that big! The creature tumbles to the ground with a dismayed squeak.

"Hey, careful!" you hear Deerly call from somewhere overhead. Your furry host drops from somewhere overhead and quickly romps over to the oversized ladybug. They gather it up like a child would a beloved puppy. "This little girl is Sleeping Flower, my resident jordy bug. You don't need to be afraid; she's a sweetheart. She must have been really curious about you if she interrupted her sunbathing to come say hi."

Sleeping Flower
Sleeping Flower
Adopt a Jordy Bug

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