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You wander through the field of doorways and find a smaller one standing apart from many of the others. You glance around hesitantly before deciding to step through. You feel a rush of air and a sensation of tumbling throuh a strange, almost mist-like veil, before it all abruptly stops. You look around, but it is pitch black. You squeeze your eyes closed, then open them again in the hopes it will have helped you adjust to the darkness. But there doesn't seem to be a speck of light to be found anywhere.

You call out and if someone might be there. You freeze when hearing an angry growl nearby, but it echos around you as if in a cavern and you can't determine from where it is coming. You can't see a thing. You are too afraid to even back up should you bump into something. Timidly, you again ask the darkness who might be there, your voice little more than a whisper this time around.

"My name is Shadowed," an angry voice answers. A growl follows and a pair of frighteningly large eyes soon appear before you in the dark. "And I do not apreciate being disturbed by strangers. Be gone before I lose my patience, and you your head. Go!"

A dimly lit portal crackles to life behind you--a save haven back. You whimper, nod, and slowly back away from the hidden creature. It's definitely time to leave.


☆ - 27 Feb 2022 - ☆