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You notice a small cluster of doorways and head toward it with curiosity. Why are these few so close together? As you look them over, you hear Deerly approach on soft footfalls across the grass. They sit on their haunches beside you and smile fondly at the various gates.

"These are where a variety of creatures from Tlouey's Borrowed Dreams live," your host explains. "Pick whichever one you'd like; I promise you won't be disappointed!"

You turn your attention back to the portals before thw two of you and consider your choices.

Fifty Penny Pixels
Fruppu Ponies
Holiday Pixel Ponies
Lil' Petz
Miscellaneous Horses
Piccolo Bucks
Piccolo Does

~ ★ ~ Pixel Ponies ~ ★ ~
Wildflower Meadow Stables

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