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You look about you, unsure of which portal to follow. You finally shrug to yourself and pick one a short distance away. You reach out a hand, though hesitant, and feel what you can only describe as a light magnetic pull. You step through the white portal into a rush of air. You shut your eyes against it and only open them again once you feel the vertigo begin to ebb.

Blinking up at the underside of a large, shady maple tree, you soon conclude you are definitely somewhere new. You sit up and glance about at the sparse forest to marvel at its scerene beauty for a moment. There are birds singing somewhere above you, though the leaves overhead block your view of them, and a number of small butterflies flutter lightly around some of the understory bushes nearby. You get up, brushing yourself off, and are trying to decide where to go when you hear some soft noises from somewhere nearby.

The first thing you see is a group of small, flittering fearies that are laughing and darting about in the wind, disappearing and reappearing all about you. One pauses just before your nose, staring curiously at you before zipping off to inform the others of your presence and to return to their game at a safe distance from the interloper.

You hear a light but strong roar. A second soon joins it, the new voice a bit deeper than the first. You head through the underbrush a bit and stare as the fearies rejoin their playmates, two young dragons that are about your height. One is a light blue, the other a bright red.

"Like them?" a whisper asks from close behind you. You turn around with a jump, only to find Deerly hanging from the tree you're currently undere. Upside-down. They don't seem to notice anything odd about their current perch, instead looking between you and the frolicking creatures beyond.

"Those sweethearts are from The Adoption Page." They gesture to each of them in turn. "The dragon on the left is Racer, and the red one is Like a Blush. She's a sweet little girl." Deerly swings themself back onto their branch before hopping down to stand beside you. "Why don't we join them, huh?" your host asks with a grin before bounding toward the group.

While the fearies quickly dart off, the pair of dragons immediately bound over once they recognize the furry creature approaching. Their large tails swish happily and their small wings flap like crazy, reminding you of overly-excited puppies. Figuring things are safe enough, you step out as well.

It doesn't take either long to spot you. The dragons quickly change course and charge at you in clear delight. You brace yourself as they leap at you, knocking you on your back regardless, and begin to lick your cheeks and sniff ar your clothes. Yep, definitely big, scaly puppies.

"Aw, they like you!" Deerly coos. They hop over and nuzzle Racer. The dragon immediately flops on its side and Deerly proceeds to scratch at its underbelly. "They both like tummy rubs," they inform you with a laugh. "You should stay a while and play with them a bit. I promise you'll have fun!"

You know, you think they're right. You pat the nearest dragon on the head and smile.

♦ Semi-Custom Gift ♦

Like a Blush
Like a Blush
The Adoption Page

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